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Aloha Hawaiian Parrot Association

Encouraging and promoting the highest standards in aviculture, welfare and

conservation of the world's most charismatic birds.

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Our thanks to HONOLULU MAGAZINE for covering our Sept. meeting. Look for our 2-page feature in the October 2013 issue.

Our thanks to our guest speaker for our July meeting,  
Dr. Mark Caspers, top avian vet at Feather & Fur Animal Hospital, Kailua. 

All monthly meetings are at Blaisdell Park, Pearl City, usually on the 2nd Sunday of the month, at 12noon, with potluck lunch. As always, your parrots (healthy, with wings clipped or caged) are welcome, and remember to bring a beach/camping chair to sit on since we meet on the grass.

We welcome anyone with an interests in parrots, regardless of whether you are already owned by one!

Mahalo to Dr. Brian Walsh of Feather & Fur Animal Hospital for his outstanding educational talk to our Club as guest speaker at our Nov. 2012 meeting.

Mahalo to Dr. Mark Caspers of Feather and Fur Animal Hospital for making our 7/14/13 and our 3/25/12 meetings the best-attended and most popular events!

ANNUAL CLUB DUES (starting January 1, 2014)

$20/single and $30/couple, family, 2 or more, and entitle you to the Club Membership Card, good for 10% discount at several local pet stores.

(See Membership)

Visitors may attend 1 meeting for free before paying dues.


for 2012-13

President: Cinde Fisher

Vice president: to be announced

Secretary: to be announced

Treasurer: to be announced

Board of Directors:  Elizabeth La Riva, Al Valdez


Special Events Coordinator: 

Al Valdez 


The ALOHA HAWAIIAN PARROT ASSOCIATION (AHPA) is the oldest and best-known parrot club in Honolulu, Hawaii, founded in 1992. 

We have also been awarded (in 2013) the Certificate of Excellence from the City & County of Honolulu, "honoring and recognizing AHPA for their level of commitment and dedication to animal welfare in Hawaii."

We usually meet the 2nd Sunday of each month at 12 noon at Blaisdell Park in Pearl City (see map) with potluck lunch. (The dates may change if we have a special activity planned.) 

The best way to stay informed of each meeting is to join our email list. Once joining, your email remains anonymous and will never be given out nor used by any other group(s) or individual(s) without your express written or verbal consent. [Contact Us]

Our members range from the novice to the experienced and knowledgeable parrot owner. The one thing we all have in common is our love and respect for these feathered treasures.

We welcome anyone with an interest in parrots, even if you don't already have one! One of the best ways to learn more about parrots is to attend one of our meetings where you'll see our birds and meet their owners.

We bring our parrots to the meetings, provided they are healthy and clipped or in cages.

Attendees should bring a beach chair since we sit on the grass, and bring a dish/refreshment to share for potluck.

For information call 808-381-5545.

Be sure to check out our "sister club" in Pennsylvania:

The York Area Pet Bird Club

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