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Eb Cravens - Profile

Articles by Eb Cravens: 

"The Real Rap on Sunflower Seeds"

"The Day of the Lawnmower"

"To Shoulder or Not To Shoulder"

"How We Show Respect For Our Parrots"

"Serving Soaked and Germinated Seeds to Your Birds"

"My Gosh, But There Are a Lot of Unwanted Macaws Out There"

"Birdie Yoga: Athletic Conditioning in Small Habitats"

The Gabriel Foundation 

World Parrot Trust 

Parrots in Paradise 

Bruce the Bird Guy 

Barbara Heidenreich  

American Veterinary Medical Association

Hawaii Veterinary Medical Association

Parrot's Bill of Rights

Bird Talk magazine

Harrison's Bird Foods

Winged Wisdom

Avian Web

Parrot Talk (Bobbie Brinker's articles)

AfricanGreys.com (African Grey Parrot Information)

Land of Vos (Eclectus information)

Bird Health - Dr. Rob Marshall (Emergencies, bird poisoning, more)

Planned Parrothood (Vet Q&A)

Grey Feather Toys

Feather Plucking (by Eb Cravens)

Dr. Irene Pepperberg and Alex

Marilu Anderson (Bird Nutrionist & Behavior Consultant)

Healthy Diet for your Parrot (M. Anderson)

The Birds and the Bees for Adults (re hormonal behavior)-M. Anderson

Essential Fatty Acids for Parrots (M. Anderson)

Birdie Body Language (M. Anderson)

The Kiss of Death (bacteria and kissing birds)-M. Anderson

Sources of PTFE (Teflon) besides pots/pans (M. Anderson)

Sources of Impaction (impacted or clogged intestines)-Winged Wisdom

Parrot Precautions and Safety Alerts (Carolyn Swicegood-Land of Vos)

Safe and Simple Cleaning (M. Anderson)

Sick House Syndrome-Is Your Home Safe for Parrots? (C. Swicegood)

Toxic Wood and Plants (M. Anderson)

Toys and Toy Safety (M. Anderson)

Vet Check-Well Bird Check up (Taylor Knight)

The Four Food Groups (M. Anderson)

Milk Thistle (various authors)

Behavioral Tips (M. Anderson)

Birdie PMS (Parrot Molting Syndrome)-M. Anderson

Biting Birds (M. Anderson and various authors)

Domination Behavior in Parrots, True or False - M. Anderson

Drama Rewards (M. Anderson)

Inappropriate Behavior (M. Anderson)

One-Person Bird (M. Anderson)

Parrot Sensitivity to Emotion (M. Anderson)

Plucking (Bill Kiesselbach and various authors)

Rehabilitating Second-Hand Parrots (M. Anderson)

Toweling (restraint) - B. Kiesselbach

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill (Mark Bittner)

The Parrot Pages (M. Bittner)

Bobbie Brinker (various)